ASTM A106 Seamless Pipe
ASTM A106 Seamless Pipe

ASTM A106 seamless pipes are divided into two models: A106-A and A106-B. A106 seamless steel pipe for export is a steel pipe material 

commonly used at home and abroad, mainly used in construction, mechanical processing, electrical, petrochemical and other industries.

A106-A is equivalent to domestic 10# steel material in China, and A106-B is equivalent to domestic 20# material in China, which is a kind

 of steel pipe material commonly used at home and abroad. A106 seamless steel pipes are mainly used in construction, mechanical processing,

 electrical, petrochemical and other industries. There are two main production processes, one is cold drawing and the other is hot rolling, 

in which cold drawing has higher dimensional accuracy than hot rolling, and the surface of hot rolled steel pipe is relatively rough. 

The large diameter seamless steel pipe is hot rolled steel pipe, and the small diameter is cold drawn. The exported A106 seamless steel pipes 

must be grooved, painted, and plastic pipe caps are added at both ends, and they need to go through commodity inspections, and they can be

 exported only after they are qualified. The main export countries are Malaysia, the United States, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Italy, etc.

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