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Wrought steel pipe
Wrought steel pipe

What is wrought steel

Wrought steel material refers to product forms (forged, rolled, ring rolled, extruded…), while forging is a subset of wrought product form.

Difference between wrought steel and forged steel

1.The main difference between wrought and forged steel is strength.Forged steels are tougher than wrought steels as they begin as a casting which is then forged which adds to its durability. Wrought steel is less likely to be used in high-tension applications and it may be harder and more brittle than forged steel.

2.Wrought is any hot or cold working of metal, and is therefore a description under which you would find forging, rolling, heading, upsetting, drawing, etc.

3.Forging is the open (including hammer and anvil or closed die forming of metal heated to forging temperatures. 

4.Forged steel is more durable in certain applications because, although it begins life as a casting as well, it is hammer forged using large hydraulic hammers that force the atoms and molecules of the steel into alignment as they hit it. Wrought steel does not undergo this same process, which makes forged steel harder and less likely to crack when struck, when compared between wrought and forged steel. Striking tools and axes are often made of forged steel because they are used to hit things, and the brittle nature of a cast steel would lead them to breaking rapidly if they were not forged.

What is wrought steel pipe

The wrought steel pipe distinguished from steel tube, is applied for pipeline and piping system with tubular products of dimensions. The pipe DN300 has outside diameters numerically larger than corresponding sizes. Oppositely, the tube outside diameter is numerically identical to the size number for all sizes.

Wrought steel pipe is cheaper than wrought iron pipe and consequently is used more widely in heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning than the latter. Depending on the method of manufacture, wrought-steel pipe is available as either welded steel pipe or seamless welded pipe.Seamless wrought-steel pipe finds frequent application in high-pressure work.

The wall thickness and weights of wrought-steel pipe are approximately the same as those for wrought-iron pipe. As with wrought-iron pipe, the two most commonly used weights are standardand extra strong.

What is seamless wrought steel pipe

Seamless wrought steel pipe starts as a solid piece of heated steel. Forced through a form that shapes the material into a hollow tube, the pipe is then machined into appropriate dimensions.

What is welded wrought steel pipe

The welded wrought steel pipe manufacturing involves moving steel strips through rollers that form the material into a tubular shape. These strips then pass through a welding device that fuses them into a single pipe.

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